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Lupus Research

There are many laboratories around the world working on lupus
By working together the lupus genetics community has increased the understanding of the genetic causes of lupus greatly.
We know there are many genes (at least 100, and possibly many more) involved in the disease process, and we have an
understanding of the biology behind many of these genes.

Research groups around the world working on lupus genetics

  • David Morris, Kings College London, UK
  • Timothy Vyse, Kings College London, UK
  • Marta Alarcon, Granada, Spain
  • Ian Bruce, Manchester, UK
  • MASTERPLANS: MRC funded project, UK

  • USA
  • Tim Behrens,Genentech
  • Lindsey A. Criswell, UCSC
  • Pat Gaffney and Kathy Sivils, OMRF
  • Chaim Jacob, UCSC
  • Bob Kimberly, UAB
  • Carl D. Langefeld, Wake Forest
  • John Harley, Cincinnati
  • John Rioux, Montreal
  • Betty Tsao, UCLA
  • Wanling Yang, The University of Hong Kong
  • Xuejun Zhang, Anhui Medical University
  • Kanjaksher Ghosh, Mumbai, India
  • Vandana Pradhan, Mumbai, India

  • Learning more about the genetic of Lupus

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